Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cavity bugs

Jake had his very first filling last week. The assistants totally bullshited him. The best part of that is that he didn't notice, thankfully he's only 5. So they told him (in a very disturbing baby voice, I don't do baby talk I think its sick) they were gonna "dig out his cavity bugs". He has no clue that he got a shot, she was very careful to say they were "putting his tooth to sleep" they had him close his eyes after they put some tasty jelly stuff (as he said) an said he would feel a slight pinch as we all know that its far from slight. He moaned a smig an then he started talking funny since only half his face worked properly. He did really really well. The best part was jake explaining the whole process to izac an ending with "well izac if that had been you, you would have been squeeling like a big baby" hahah which honestly is true. What a personality jake has, good mix of me an brad!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

9 years old.. already

Yesterday was Izacs 9th birthday. As it usually does, our day started out very humorous. Jake an Izac have started this butler thing on there birthdays. It all started with Izac pissing around in the morning before school. We were constantly riding his ass every morning last year. The only thing that got him to get it together was telling him if he wasn't ready he had to miss school which he DIDN'T like. So one time Brad told him that if he didn't pull himself together then not only was he missing school but he was also going to be his an jakes butler all day long. Needless to say Jake had such a hay day bossing Izac around all day, that Jake decided on his birthday Izac was going to be his butler. I wake up to hear Izac telling Jake, "ok well its MY birthday so your my butler today an you have to do everything I say today, now go get me a bowl of cereal NOW" Jake tells him nope mom said not to get up yet. The arguing started there. Izac had jake doing all sorts of things from getting him drinks to finding his toys an let's not forget poop patrol. You would think since Izac is older that he would remember Jake was supposed to be his butler all day but half way though the day he didn't bring it up again. Jake on the other didn't forget he had Izac slaving away ALL day on his birthday. Jake asked me "mom, is skylar a teenager?" I said yep he sure is, then he asked how old are teenagers? I said 13. "So he said, Izac is a post teen?" Haha he cracks me up. All day he kept saying that. He was also telling everyone he saw, that it was Izacs birthday an they should tell him happy birthday. it was a eventful day!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Out of interesting things to say

Well lately my computer has had such issues that I dont really get on much. Lance came over a while ago to check my P.O.S. computer and come to find out I dont have really any memory to speak of so its super slow. Lance also put a anit virus thing on so i think the little bit of memory i do have went to that. So it basically takes anywhere from 5-20 minutes to get online an honestly by that time im so pissed off all i can think of is throwing my computer out my living room window!!! So for now there wont be a whole bunch of blogs, not that i really have anything interesting to say for now but soon im sure something will come up. I also dont check my email because well, no reason i just dont. I check facebook alot basically because i can look from my phone, but blogger i cant. So I will chat at you soon.... ish ha peace out!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Our story

Today is our anniversary. 6 years married, almost 10 together. I thought I would tell how we meet an a few other random things. I meet Mindy in hell that is sconecutter. She had been telling me that Jared's brother had gotten himself in some trouble so his mom was shipping him here to live with his dad and she was going to get him a job in hell to "keep and eye on him, and help him out." So I come storming out the back door to smoke all pissed off as usual bitching about my loser husband (that's a whole other story, but yes I unfortunately was married once before) and there was Mindy and Brad. As a shift manager I really enjoyed giving new employees shit especially the guys, they were more fun than the girls they usually ended up quitting which is also another story. So when new people start they were on fries cause you couldn't mess that up for the most part. Brad was doing fries and I was banging on the counter and yelling at him " hurry the fuck up, god your slow" He turned around and said " fuck you there coming" Now i know this sounds pretty mean but ha it is certainly not. Immediately I thought "alright i like this guy he is gonna be fun to work with" Finally someone with my sense of humor! Before I continue i want to say that at this point in my pathetic marriage, it was nearing the end. So a year goes by and I decide that I'm done being the beat stick and I proceed with my divorce. I moved back in with my mom while my divorce was going through. Brad and I started hanging out after work and drinking. So sometimes... well most of the time I sleep at Brads house cause i couldn't drive home, I had been drinking see. We would go to the school and drink, smoke and BS. Brad knew all the creeks in the stairs and which ones to skip so no one would hear him, but I didn't so he would give me a piggy back ride down the stair which was scary since we had both been drinking but he didn't want his dad to hear two sets of footsteps. But of course we got caught I would always park my car in front of the house which was right in front of Linda's window. I worked at seven or eight in the morning so I would leave pretty early but Laura came walking across the street when we were having our morning smoke and well she was not pleased with this neither was Linda. I do recall Brad telling me his dad had "chat" with him about this. He had asked Brad what was going on and if he was just going to have sex with this girl, and then what? HAHA sorry Jack but at that point we really really were just sleeping, no sex happening. So moving on, I couldn't stay there anymore so we decided to move out together, where we went I don't recall honestly we have live in lots of places with lots of people. None of that matters anyway. So I'm just gonna skip ahead here a bit...

After 3 months or so of dating I get pregnant with Izac, I didn't know I was for about 12 weeks! Three months pregnant before I find out, ya I'm brilliant. It was only because I was crying like a baby that my pants wouldn't button up that my sister Jamie said " what the hell is wrong with you are you pregnant?" A light bulb went off I'm my head wow i guess that's possible. We were going to Washington to see Chris, who was coming home from his mission. At this point I had only talked to Brads mom a few times. We had never meet and now we get to tell her I'm pregnant, super. Brad had told me we were gonna tell her together, so I was nervous. He said that we would tell her first then the rest of the family. Ha ya right that's not even close to how it went. We get in the car at the airport and Noelle and Cindy are driving us back to the house and brad blurts out that there going to be aunts again. Then he just tells his mom first thing and she came up to me and said "so Jodi, when is the baby due" I was taken off guard, so I was floored gee thanks for the warning honey. Needless to say one of the first things she said was so when are you getting married. If you know Brad you know that didn't go over well. He refused to get married just because he knocked me up. Skipping ahead again lots of pointless shit happened for a few years.

Izac was two an I had decided that we were NEVER going to get married. (although I did refuse to have any more kids without being married!) Brad finally asked me to marry him on valentines day 2003. Clearly you can see that was the best decision we made! I am happy things went the way they did, and thanks to Mindy I met Brad, who is fabulous and I love very dearly!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The decision has been made, its final :(

I had THOUGHT that Anson was gonna be our last baby.. Then I changed my mind. I thought well one more shot for a girl? HAHA ya right I really don't get that lucky. We were pondering for weeks now on whether to try again. I was all for it. Brad, well was not saying a whole bunch about
it. Today we had a long long chat about all the shit that comes along with another baby. Mainly me being the biggest bitch alive when I'm pregnant. Poor brad I don't blame him for not wanting to do it again.. Oh ya right poor him are you kidding me? Like he is the one that has to gain a hundred pounds, feel like shit all the time, not to mention the end of the pregnancy where the baby feels like he is gonna fall out of your vagina, since there out of space and pressing on all of MY insides! Sorry ha got a little side tracked there. So i said to him well lets adopt a one year old girl then we don't have to do all that other shit and the hard part is over ha. He said ya know that's not a bad idea. Clearly I was joking (mostly). So were done if any of you thought we would be giving you a granddaughter, or a niece you were dead wrong. Tomorrow I am going to make Brad an appointment for a snip snip! Good luck with that honey and thanks a bunch!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rain, rain go away!

On Sunday we went camping. Brad was just determined despite the weather. We woke up on Sunday and what do you know it was sunny! Thank god i was thinking, i don't want to camp in the rain. But Brad assured me that IF it did rain we were A. OK cause he had just bought a new tent, and some ponchos (which i might add i thought was a waste of money) So after hours literally of packing all of our shit, we were off. We went to Thistle which is up Spanish fork canyon. We get to thistle road and what do you know it starts raining. Well I thought it will probably stop before we get there since the weather did say 30% chance of rain. Ya I don't think so, I don't get that lucky. We find a sweet spot that has a riding spot right in the next campground. As we start setting up our shit its starts to pour of course. So instantly I'm thinking OK lets pack up this shit an go home I'm done. I'm not a big camper, I really don't like to get dirty and I really really really HATE peeing outside. But everyone loves it so I'm a trooper and I go. Brad had a blast riding in the rain and the mud as did the boys. Jake made a point of telling me mud is not big deal, if you fall in it it doesn't hurt and it just sticks to you and its no big deal. Izac was telling Brad that he was the funnest person to ride with ever! Jake turned around an said " ya dad that's fur true you are!" So as it got dark the rain stopped and well we stayed. So we go to bed, Izac and Jake were in sleeping bags all comfy and warm, an Anson slept between me and Brad. Oh god was it the worst sleep i ever got! All night he was screaming in my ear probably every hour, and when he wasn't doing that he was slapping me in the face. Oh and i forgot the part about our NEW tent was wet, Brad swears it was because it was raining when we put it up. Me and brad were squished on the futon mattress cause the edges were wet. So Anson wakes up at 6:30 right when I was finally warm and was almost in a deep sleep. He starts babbling and such then he decides to slap me and hit me with a flash light ya no shit. Ah I kept thinking that's it I'm done I'm NEVER going camping again. I was so tired and pissed i was ready to smack brad and tell lets get it together and leave i don't give a shit what time it is. But I didn't I fell back asleep as did Anson. We woke up to a marvelous day the sun was shinning and it was warm and toasty. So at this point i really just need some coffee which we didn't have.. So we rode for a while then decide its time to pack it up. We start to take our tent down and what do you know the damn pole broke and its poking through the top of the now ripped tent. Ya can you believe that? Brand new and it rips oh hell no we are going to take that piece of shit back to the store! When we do we will go camping again but this time I'm gonna check the weather and unless its clear Sky's, I am NOT going! Here are some picture that I took as you can see the boys had a blast!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Like Father, Like son

As most of you know Jake is a spitting image of Brad. He is 4 almost 5. He says the funniest shit! Jack always tells me that when brad was young you could always hear where he was because he was so loud, well like father like son. Jake couldn't whisper to save his life! He is always full speed a head. He asks me today "Mom i was thinking could you buy me a fifty, so I can race in the motocross like skylar?" He wasn't kidding either, whatever skylar does Jake is desperate to do also. Today is Skylars 13th birthday, I texted him today to say happy birthday and he said he was dumpster diving and I thought he was joking but he wasn't so he quickly had to go but said thanks for the wishes, ha It was funny.
We were eating dinner tonight an for once Izac was eating an not Jake so we kept telling him to eat so he could go back outside to play, so when Izac finished his he was gone so Jake quickly started to shovel his food in. He heard Brad go outside so he said " Mom don't you think you should go outside with dad?" I said ah no why? He continued with " mom don't you love your husband?" Yes I do, I said " well maybe you should follow him around, isn't that what your supposed to do?" OK so at this point I knew what this little shit was up to, so I said OK I'm going outside then, finish your dinner, OK he said as he watched me walk out the front door, waving I might add. So I book it out the front door to the back door to run inside and catch him in the act, sure as shit he was putting the rest of his food down the garbage disposal, I came in and said Jake what are you doing? Ah well I um finished my dinner, I said oh you did huh, well actually mom I was quite full and how did you know what I was doing? Ya busted! See my boys think moms have eyes in the back of there heads that's how we know what they are doing all the time without looking directly at them ha. When there adults they will realize the reason they got caught was because there so obvious when there being naughty.
Jake gets to go into Ansons castle sometimes basically when we say. As you will see in the picture above jake likes those spears and he thinks he is the "guard" of the castle. To keep all big kids out of it so it doesnt get popped. Well the other day were sitting outside and Jake decides to guard the castle so he lays down in front of the door an puts his legs up on the spear holder with the spear in his hand, Anson crawls up to go inside and Jake says "no no Anson you cant go in the castle right now, im taking a break, Im on break he yells.. Needless to say Jake got dragged away from his "break". What four year old says that? Mine does.. Ha