Sunday, June 7, 2009

Like Father, Like son

As most of you know Jake is a spitting image of Brad. He is 4 almost 5. He says the funniest shit! Jack always tells me that when brad was young you could always hear where he was because he was so loud, well like father like son. Jake couldn't whisper to save his life! He is always full speed a head. He asks me today "Mom i was thinking could you buy me a fifty, so I can race in the motocross like skylar?" He wasn't kidding either, whatever skylar does Jake is desperate to do also. Today is Skylars 13th birthday, I texted him today to say happy birthday and he said he was dumpster diving and I thought he was joking but he wasn't so he quickly had to go but said thanks for the wishes, ha It was funny.
We were eating dinner tonight an for once Izac was eating an not Jake so we kept telling him to eat so he could go back outside to play, so when Izac finished his he was gone so Jake quickly started to shovel his food in. He heard Brad go outside so he said " Mom don't you think you should go outside with dad?" I said ah no why? He continued with " mom don't you love your husband?" Yes I do, I said " well maybe you should follow him around, isn't that what your supposed to do?" OK so at this point I knew what this little shit was up to, so I said OK I'm going outside then, finish your dinner, OK he said as he watched me walk out the front door, waving I might add. So I book it out the front door to the back door to run inside and catch him in the act, sure as shit he was putting the rest of his food down the garbage disposal, I came in and said Jake what are you doing? Ah well I um finished my dinner, I said oh you did huh, well actually mom I was quite full and how did you know what I was doing? Ya busted! See my boys think moms have eyes in the back of there heads that's how we know what they are doing all the time without looking directly at them ha. When there adults they will realize the reason they got caught was because there so obvious when there being naughty.
Jake gets to go into Ansons castle sometimes basically when we say. As you will see in the picture above jake likes those spears and he thinks he is the "guard" of the castle. To keep all big kids out of it so it doesnt get popped. Well the other day were sitting outside and Jake decides to guard the castle so he lays down in front of the door an puts his legs up on the spear holder with the spear in his hand, Anson crawls up to go inside and Jake says "no no Anson you cant go in the castle right now, im taking a break, Im on break he yells.. Needless to say Jake got dragged away from his "break". What four year old says that? Mine does.. Ha


Leiser Family said...

LOL Jake is so funny! Susan was telling us last night, about the autograph he got from Skylars trainer. and what he said about her the next morning. What a cute kid. Brad was such an outgoing kid too. He would talk to anyone like they were best buds. I guess Brad still is that way a little bit.

btw Jodi, I love the new blog layout!

AuntShannon said...

I was shocked when I first saw that pic on your sidebar, Jodi and Brad! I was shocked at how much that Jake looks JUST LIKE his Dad! WOW! What a cute boy. Have fun! :)

Susan Petersen said...

I am laughing so hard right now, that Jake is a funny funny boy.

Cindy said...

I like how I offered him a dollar to watch Kai and he was trying to swindle $20 for BOTH him and Izac, yeah 20 dollars EACH! I love your boys!