Sunday, October 25, 2009

9 years old.. already

Yesterday was Izacs 9th birthday. As it usually does, our day started out very humorous. Jake an Izac have started this butler thing on there birthdays. It all started with Izac pissing around in the morning before school. We were constantly riding his ass every morning last year. The only thing that got him to get it together was telling him if he wasn't ready he had to miss school which he DIDN'T like. So one time Brad told him that if he didn't pull himself together then not only was he missing school but he was also going to be his an jakes butler all day long. Needless to say Jake had such a hay day bossing Izac around all day, that Jake decided on his birthday Izac was going to be his butler. I wake up to hear Izac telling Jake, "ok well its MY birthday so your my butler today an you have to do everything I say today, now go get me a bowl of cereal NOW" Jake tells him nope mom said not to get up yet. The arguing started there. Izac had jake doing all sorts of things from getting him drinks to finding his toys an let's not forget poop patrol. You would think since Izac is older that he would remember Jake was supposed to be his butler all day but half way though the day he didn't bring it up again. Jake on the other didn't forget he had Izac slaving away ALL day on his birthday. Jake asked me "mom, is skylar a teenager?" I said yep he sure is, then he asked how old are teenagers? I said 13. "So he said, Izac is a post teen?" Haha he cracks me up. All day he kept saying that. He was also telling everyone he saw, that it was Izacs birthday an they should tell him happy birthday. it was a eventful day!!


AuntShannon said...

Happy Belated birthday to Izac! Those boys of yours sound very entertaining! LOL! Butlers, LOL!

Cindy said...

They sure are and I miss them like mad!