Thursday, August 13, 2009

Out of interesting things to say

Well lately my computer has had such issues that I dont really get on much. Lance came over a while ago to check my P.O.S. computer and come to find out I dont have really any memory to speak of so its super slow. Lance also put a anit virus thing on so i think the little bit of memory i do have went to that. So it basically takes anywhere from 5-20 minutes to get online an honestly by that time im so pissed off all i can think of is throwing my computer out my living room window!!! So for now there wont be a whole bunch of blogs, not that i really have anything interesting to say for now but soon im sure something will come up. I also dont check my email because well, no reason i just dont. I check facebook alot basically because i can look from my phone, but blogger i cant. So I will chat at you soon.... ish ha peace out!!

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